Stinging Insects

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  1. EcoVia WD

    EcoVia WD


    Versatile formula can be used directly as a dust or as a wettable powder. Perfect for spraying on boat docks and other sensitive areas for spider control Great for dusting attics and spraying entry points to repel occasional invaders. Learn More
  2. Wasp Freeze

    Wasp Freeze

    Regular Price: $13.15

    Special Price: $10.95

    Going to a wasp fight? Take a winning weapon. Wasp Freeze kills wasps on contact from 15 feet away. Keeps you away from harm and puts wasps out of action instantly. Learn More
  3. Talstar Pro (1 pint)  (Not for Sale in NY or CT)

    Talstar Pro (1 pint) (Not for Sale in NY or CT)

    Regular Price: $39.38

    Special Price: $27.95

    Talstar P with bifenthrin is widely used by pest control pros. It dries clear, is odorless and doesn't break down easily in the rain. It kills more than 75 kinds of pests including stink bugs, spiders, roaches and many more. Great for indoors and outdoors, too. Learn More
  4. Cyonara 9.7 (Not for sale in  AK, VT, NY, CT)

    Cyonara 9.7 (Not for sale in AK, VT, NY, CT)

    Regular Price: $43.30

    Special Price: $28.95

    Cyonara 9.7 will quickly eliminate turf, ornamental, and lawn pests, and other nuisance pests. Learn More
  5. Steri-Fab - Gallon (128 oz.)

    Steri-Fab - Gallon (128 oz.)

    Regular Price: $67.10

    Special Price: $39.00

    Sterifab kills insects on contact. This is an alcohol-based product that can be used safely on surfaces where humans and pets may come in contact such as on mattresses. Rooms must be ventilated with fresh air when using Sterifab. Learn More
  6. Demand CS - 8 oz

    Demand CS - 8 oz

    Regular Price: $87.78

    Special Price: $43.95

    Demand CS is a water-based insecticide concentrate that can be used indoors or outdoors to control a wide variety of pests. Learn More
  7. Tempo SC Ultra

    Tempo SC Ultra

    Regular Price: $78.65

    Special Price: $50.50

    Suspension concentrates (SC) like Tempo SC Ultra and Suspend SC are among the most popular liquid spray formulations used by professionals today. One advantage of SC insecticide formulations is that the liquid is less messy to handle than wettable powder (WP) formulations.These pyrethroid insecticides provide fast knockdown and long residual control of a wide variety of insect pests. They are low toxicity to mammals and are low odor. Learn More
  8. Temprid SC

    Temprid SC


    Temprid SC is a suspension concentrate formulation of two powerful insecticides, imidacloprid and b-cyfluthrin. The result is a dual mode of action that provides both quick knockdown and residual control of more than 50 types of pests. Can be used both indoors and out. This bottle makes 25 gallons of finished spray.
    Learn More

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