Drain Fly Control

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  1. EcoVia WD

    EcoVia WD


    Versatile formula can be used directly as a dust or as a wettable powder. Perfect for spraying on boat docks and other sensitive areas for spider control Great for dusting attics and spraying entry points to repel occasional invaders. Learn More
  2. Bio-Gel for Drains

    Bio-Gel for Drains

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    Special Price: $12.65

    Bio-Gel is a biological product that is non-insecticidal, biodegradable and non-toxic. It contains compounds that have no pathogens, are non-caustic, non-corrosive and salmonella-free. Use this product in active drains, toilets, holding tanks, grease traps, septic systems, where higher level degradation is required. Learn More
  3. Bac-A-Zap


    Regular Price: $16.45

    Special Price: $13.15

    BAC-AZAP eliminates rodent, skunk and pet odors, smoke and garbage odors. Contains bacteria and enzymes that break down and consume odor causing organic matter Learn More
  4. CM Fly Trap

    CM Fly Trap


    CatchMaster Fruit Fly & Insect Traps are safe for use in sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals and even food service and food prep areas. The Yellow color is an attractant to many flying insects.

    Learn More
  5. Conquer Liquid Insecticide

    Conquer Liquid Insecticide

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    Special Price: $29.65

    need Learn More
  6. Tempo SC Ultra

    Tempo SC Ultra

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    Special Price: $50.50

    Suspension concentrates (SC) like Tempo SC Ultra and Suspend SC are among the most popular liquid spray formulations used by professionals today. One advantage of SC insecticide formulations is that the liquid is less messy to handle than wettable powder (WP) formulations.These pyrethroid insecticides provide fast knockdown and long residual control of a wide variety of insect pests. They are low toxicity to mammals and are low odor. Learn More
  7. Onslaught Insecticide (pint)

    Onslaught Insecticide (pint)

    Regular Price: $85.14

    Special Price: $60.45

    Onslaught Microencapsulated Insecticide consistently delivers fast knockdown and kill of the toughest insects. This odorless, indoor-outdoor, micro-encapsulated insecticide is effective on more than 200 insects and related pests. Learn More

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